portrait photo of Jacqui Reidel in navy blue, RX Sports Massage Therapy t-shirt
Jacqui Reidel, RX Sports Massage Therapist

Specialising in treatments for maintenance and injury recovery – 

In our eyes, sports massage therapy is as much about maintenance as it is injury support. Nipping “niggles” in the bud before they turn into injuries is very much what we believe in and what we strive to achieve with our clients. If the unfortunate does happen and you develop an injury, we are here to help you get back up to full fitness.

Sports massage has many benefits, whether you are a sportsperson or not.


“Jacqui is a complete natural, she has a real talent for sports theory.  Her enthusiasm and passion for it is clear to see.  I would highly recommend to anyone with an existing injury or someone just looking for routine maintenance.  See you soon”  Mick Simmons

“I have had many massages in the past but can honestly say Jacqui is the best!  She listens to what you would like and knows her stuff!  Very professional and welcoming.  Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!”  Vicky Land

“Very strong, helps relieve the wear and tear from daily CrossFit workouts, she has you feeling ready to workout again.  Highly recommend!” Victor Reyes

“Fantastic massage, really helped with the issues I was having and felt totally relaxed after too!  Highly recommend”  Louisa Jackson

“Jacqui is hands down one of the nicest, genuine and honest people I have hd the pleasure to meet!  Her services are proffessional and her sporting knowledge is second to none!  She is great at her job and her passion for it is almost healing itself”  Lewis Howard